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Want to Get Involved?

As an official DC Wine Week Ambassador we appreciate you helping us spread the word on behalf of DC Wine Week. Where we could use your help: __ Share DC Wine Week news and updates on your personal Facebook profile. __ Share DC Wine Week news and updates on your public Facebook … [Read more...]

You Said What? How to Understand Wine Talk

Generally, it is good to know what you are talking about when you are talking about it—or at least sound like it.  However, we have found ourselves completely out of our depths when it comes to wine. If even a half-full wine glass is too deep, we’ve got you covered. Keeping in mind that it is … [Read more...]

All Wined Up & Ready To Go!

We are thrilled to announce the inaugural weeklong celebration of all things related to wine. DC is the number one area for wine consumption—so chances are you’ve had some practice. Gear up for a week of uncorking and tasting October 15-22, 2011. The celebration will include themed events, … [Read more...]