All Wined Up

Were you at Urbana for our Twineup?

A Twine Up Review by Linah Colgrove

What better way to wine up the week than with discounted wine, meeting new people, and getting away with checking your phone all night? This past Monday I found myself at the DC Wine Week Twine Up, a Twitter/wine party at the very sophisticated Urbana Restaurant in Dupont Circle’s Hotel Palomar. It was one of those seamless events – just walk in, write your Twitter handle (and name, if you wish) on your name tag, and go sip and mingle. No pretense, no ice breakers, just sheer adult wine-joyment.

Part of the district’s inaugural Wine Week event, the Twine Up was a great way for folks to build relationships and contribute to the buzz (pun intended) that DC Wine Week had been generating.  In my opinion, it’s about time we had a DC Wine Week. We have Restaurant Week and Beer Week, Oktoberfest and even Week ‘O Bacon. Wine week is long overdue!

As a wine lover, I thought I would sample a few different types of Urbana’s very generous offering of $5 wine. The chardonnay was excellent – crisp, not too oaky, very refreshing . I had a sip of my friend’s cabernet, which was (as expected) full bodied and fantastic, causing me to order my own. After a glass of that (okay, a few glasses), I remembered this great card I just bought my sister-in-law for her recent birthday when we spent the day at a Charlottesville winery.

No, there were no obnoxious tasting counters, and the wine was not free, but the Twine Up featured enough tweeting, clinking and chatter to make any wine taste great. Salud!