All Wined Up

How Do You Have that Guilt-Free Glass of Wine?

Guest post by Christie MimsCareer and Transition Coach at The Revolutionary Club.
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There are many times in life when I have sat down on my couch, poured a nice glass of wine, prepared to relax and then....spent the next few minutes feeling completely guilty about all of stuff I should be doing instead of relaxing with my nice glass of wine.
And the wine is not to blame. Oh no -- the wine is a completely innocent bystander in all of this hanky-panky.  The wine should be allowed to get off scot-free! (Gentlemen of the Jury, this wine is innocent of all charges! This case should be dismissed!)
Sadly, it is me that is to blame.  Because instead of focusing on my values and my choices, I focus on all of the noise in my life -- all of the things that I think I should do, versus the things that I choose to do.  Life is so busy these days that I think we all find ourselves saying yes without realizing it.  Yes to taking on more work, yes to a promotion, yes to the family obligations or the community fair.  It's not easy to say no...and either way, we feel guilty. Guilty for not saying yes, or guilty that we cannot do it all.
So I'm here to say: "Stop it!"  Stop torturing yourself and that innocent glass of wine.  Take a moment to take a breath, really think through your choices, and ask yourself: "What is it that I really want to do? What is it that maybe I don't want to do but I choose to do because it is important to me? And what is it that I do for no other reason than I feel like I should?" And then give yourself permission to stop doing things that you do because you feel like you should, and start focusing on the things that you do because you actually want to do them!
And if you can't do that, then at least give the wine a break. And give yourself 10 minutes to sit down and appreciate it -- after all, doesn't the wine deserve a fair trial? And don't you deserve a guilt-free moment?