All Wined Up

5 Wine Drinking Pro Tips

Guest post by Rachel Cohen, Marketing Director for Wine Riot

1. Wine: Delicious, Alcoholic Grape Juice

Yeast is added to crushed grapes, er, grape juice, and the yeast eats the natural sugars and converts them to alcohol and CO2. After that, winemakers can do a thousand different styles of aging but booze all the same thing; yeast poop!

2. Swirl, Smell, THEN Drink

90% of taste is based on smell so it’s kind of a big deal. Exposing a wine to oxygen brings out aromas, so when you swirl a wine in your glass you get a lot more oxygen, which allows the real aromas to come out.

3. Drink Local Wine

All 50 US states make wine! It’s easy to forget that 20 years ago people were skeptical about California wine. Soon people will recognize great wine can be made almost anywhere, so get ahead of the curve and buy local!

4. Sh*t Wine People Say

Somehow technical language used by winemakers like, “hints of cherry with a great mouthfeel” became the standard way to converse about wine. We feel “this wine is perfect for a picnic” or “this would be great with a burger” is a better way. Don’t sweat it, unless you’re a wine professional, anyway you talk about wine is the correct way.

5. If You Like it, It’s Good

It’s that simple. You don’t need to know a lot about wine to know if you like it. It’s the same with music, you can love a song without knowing anything about chord progressions or scales.

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