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5 Mistakes Wine Drinkers Should Avoid At All Costs

5 Mistakes To Avoid

Guest post by Leo Parker

Everybody loves a good glass of wine but you simply cannot beat a great glass of wine.

Unfortunately, however, there are a number of stumbling blocks which often present themselves that get in the way of this perfect glass of wine.

It’s easy to make mistakes when drinking wine (we’ve all done the wine hat like Zach Galifianakis here) and it is these mistakes that will often diminish the tastiness of the glass of wine but, fear not, we will be going over the top 5 mistakes here so as to prevent you from making these mistakes in the future!

Whether you’re a white wine, red wine, sparkling or still fan, you need to know how to make the most of your wine and these tips will help you to accomplish this objective!

Wine Mistake #1 – If You Can’t Stand The Heat…

Temperature is certainly one of the biggest factors which effects the taste of wine and serving a wine that is too warm will leave you with a bitter taste in the mouth (quite literally, in most cases). It is important to realise that if you’re storing your wine at over 75°F then you will soon find that wine oxidising on you – which won’t be fun for you or the wine! Aim to store your wine at around the 54°F (12°C) mark as this will ensure that it has every chance of tasting its best.

Wine Mistake #2 – Giving Your Wine Room To Breathe…

Breathing is good (humans and what not love it) – but we’re not the only ones who enjoy a good breath of fresh air. Your wine will thank you for it too! Many people neglect the opportunity to give their wine time to breathe before they serve it and this will have a knock-on effect on the taste of the wine itself. If you give it a little time to breathe in your glass (around 15-20 minutes should do the trick) you’ll be rewarded with a tastier beverage.

Wine Mistake #3 – Drinking Your Wine With Nachos Or Some Such…

The joy of wine comes from pairing it with the right food and whilst nachos are great for some occasions (watching sports), they are not so great when it comes to drinking wine and will likely bully the wine into submission by the time it reaches your tastes buds. You should aim to pair your wine choices with the sorts of food which complement it rather than fight it for superiority of your mouth. For example, try to avoid powerful red wines if you’re planning to chow down on some oily fish because this will be far from a taste sensation. Most people find that food and wine pairings is a matter of trial and error and this is the best way to learn i.e. from your mistakes.

Wine Mistake #4 – Size Matters…

When it comes to drinking wine, size matters. You need to find some glassware that gives you ample swirling room because, as we’ve all seen on television, swirling wines makes them tastier. There are other benefits to have larger, rounded glassware as well though, however, and chief amongst these benefits is the fact you will be able to stick your snout right in there and get a good old whiff of the wine’s aroma – another one of the little pleasures associated with drinking wines.

Wine Mistake #5 – Not Giving Wine A Chance…

It’s easy to kick a wine to the kerb after one bad experience with it but it is good to show a little perseverance with wine because there could be all manner of reasons that the wine didn’t taste its best. For example, it may have been a corked wine, you may have paired it with the wrong food (read: nachos) or your tastes buds may just have been having an off day. So, if you don’t like a wine at the first attempt, be sure to give it a least one more go before you go besmirching its reputation to all and sundry.

About Leo

Leo Parker is a London based freelance writer who is often seen scouring his local wine shops in search of the latest and greatest wines from all over the world.