All Wined Up

On Wine and Shoes

Chelsea at Iron Horse Vineyards Feature

Guest post by Chelsea Henderson

I plan dinners around the wine I want to drink and build my outfits around the shoes I want to wear.

If I’m craving a Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, dinner could be anything from grilled salmon to popcorn with truffle salt. (Yes, I eat popcorn for dinner but only when my kids are with their dad and if I have the aforementioned wine available.)

Wine is the cornerstone of any meal.

Similarly, when getting dressed, first I consult the Weather Channel, then my calendar. Who am I meeting? How long might I be on my feet? After taking these calculations, I stand before my closet and contemplate the biggest decision I make before walking out the door.

Shoes are my lodestar.

If some really horrible person deemed I could only have fine wine or amazing shoes from here on out, it’d be a Sophie’s Choice moment. I can’t imagine living without wine anymore than I can picture myself not wearing shoes.

Feet well-clad but unable to carry me to my favorite wine bars? The promise of a lovely glass of wine but drinking it in my bare feet? Both visions strike fear in my soul. However, if I had to pick one wine varietal and one style of shoe, that decision, while still heart wrenching, would be easier.

Nude pumps are the champagne of shoes. Champagne is the nude pump of wines.

I love nude pumps for the obvious reasons but mostly because they pair with anything from jeans and a t-shirt to an LBD. I love champagne because nothing tastes more elegant. There’s no other varietal that elevates the moment to something a little more extraordinary. From the pop of the cork to the sight of the bubbles floating up in a flute to the tingle on your tongue when this drink of champions hits your mouth, there’s no equivalent wine-drinking experience.

I’m champagne and nude pumps. Maybe you’re Zinfandel and converse. Whatever your wine and shoe pleasure, don’t reserve your favorites for special occasions. Tonight, I’ll be drinking the Iron Horse Wedding Cuvee, though I may do so in my slippers.

Chelsea Henderson is a recovering hill staffer-turned-lobbyist at Vela Environmental by day, aspiring writer and stylist by night. She writes the lifestyle blog the Chelsea Chronicles and expects to e-publish her first short story soon. You can follower her on twitter at @chelseachronicl.