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Vinolovers. Love the Wine You’re With

Guest post by Justin Harrison

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It’s a celebration, DC!

This week, we celebrate DC Wine Week. For seven days you will have the opportunity to experience many different wines at the various sponsored events throughout the Washington DC area. I implore you to seize the opportunity to come out and try a new wine, varietal, or region.

We celebrate fresh ideas and new beginnings: On Wednesday, October 17, 2012, is hosting a soft launch party and wine tasting event at The Dunes in Columbia Heights. Our company embodies the essence of this week of celebrating our wine community, wine education, and wine enjoyment. seeks to engage and educate wine lovers in a very approachable way. You will discover wines based on what they like. With such an active community of wine enthusiasts, we hope that you will come support.

DC is a vibrant city, filled with wine enthusiasts and a diverse culinary scene. A city of burgeoning oenophiles. Did you know that DC has the highest per capita wine consumption rate in the United States? Yes, we drink our fair share of wine--6.6 gallons per capita according the 2011 wine consumption report. I’ll sip to that!

Have you always been curious about Virginia Viognier? Go ahead. Give it a sip. They are AMAZING. Never ordered Gewurztraminer because you did not want to pronounce Guh-VOORTS-truh-MEE-nur out loud? No worries; we’ve all been there. I know exactly what you mean and we’ll meet you in a friendly place. Our tag line is, “Love the wine you’re with.” Take Wednesday's opportunity to begin your journey to becoming a wine enthusiast. Open your mind and engage your palate to new wine experiences, you will be well on your way.

So here’s to good wine, healthy lives, and a great city! I hope to see you on Wednesday! Let's have some fun!

Cheers to DC Wine Week!

Justin is native Washingtonian, certified wine professional, and founder of, a DC based start-up that is modernizing the wine subscription club by creating a buying experience that is personalized to your taste. You can follow Justin on twitter @jharrison233.