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What To Wear To A Winery – Men’s Edition

Mens Fashion
Guest post by Corey Beasley

A glass of Cab Sauv pairs well with a nice cut of lamb. It does not pair well with your backwards baseball cap. A wine tasting should be a lot of fun, but it should also serve as an occasion to class it up a bit. You didn’t practice saying sangiovese to ruin the aristocratic effect by dressing like you’re hitting the gym rather than the vineyard, did you? Save the sneakers for the brewery—looking your best might just make those reds and whites taste their best, too.

Natalie Pinto’s solid advice for ladies works for you, too, gentlemen. Layer up during a tasting, so it’s easy to shed some clothes and keep cool when those tannins start making you flush. Autumn means you have a huge array of fabrics at your disposal, and a mid-weight blazer will keep the weather at bay while elevating the rest of your look. Just be careful not to pick the jacket from your best suit—you’ll want something a bit less structured and formal. A tweed or herringbone sportscoat will place you firmly—and comfortably—in the season and pairs well (see what I did there?) with your favorite Oxford shirt. Try a chambray or subtle plaid for a more rough-hewn, harvest-ready look. And since we’re talking textures, throw on a knit tie rather than a shiny silk number; it will more easily hold its own against the fabric of your blazer.

From the waist down, you’ll have a little leeway. Darker, slim jeans will look great with the blend of formal and casual you’ve got going up top, or you could opt for some flat-front chinos for another pop of color. Think fall: mustard, greens, dark reds. Make sure your pants don’t match too closely to your jacket, and you’ll be fine. We still have a few precious weeks of warmth before winter comes on strong, so give your feet a break from boot season with a pair of comfortable loafers. Try going sockless—add a little roll to the hem of your pants, and you’re golden. Whatever you do, have fun. The best way to look good is to feel good, too. The wine should help with that.

Heather Grey Tweed Sportscoat
JCrew Chambray
Lands End Chinos

Corey Beasley, a resident of Falls Church, is happy to teach your boyfriend how to dress. His equally obnoxious music writing can be found at PopMatters.