All Wined Up

Wine Accessory Shopping List

Guest post by Morgan

For me, drinking wine has also been a social activity. When I moved to DC over a year ago and didn’t know a soul, connecting with new friends was facilitated with a glass of wine in hand. So when I first heard about DC Wine Week I knew this was right up my alley.

In honor of DC Wine Week, I picked out a few of my favorite wine themed gadgets and goodies. And because your favorite wine is something to be shared, I made sure I selected items that were cute enough to show off.

  • Keep Calm and Drink Wine Tote (Etsy)
    Toting along a bottle of wine as a party favor? This quirky wine tote takes your sweet hostess gift to the next level of thoughtful.

  • Corkcicle (
    I bought the Corkcicle for my wine making Dad this past Christmas, but it may have been one of those gifts you give because you actually wanted it for yourself.
  • Agate Coasters (West Elm)
    If jewel tones are supposed to be all the rage this season, then these deep blue agate coasters couldn’t be any trendier.
  • Emerson Electric Wine Opener (Target)
    Face it, not all of us can pop open a bottle of wine so easily with those chintzy waiter bottle openers. This rechargeable electric opener opens wine bottles with just the push of a button.
  • Set of Stacking Green Wine Glasses
    (Crate and Barrel)

    A set of four wine glasses are sturdy enough to bring out for the parties and colorful enough to provide a pop of color on your kitchen shelf.
  • Caloric Cuvee
    Looking to indulge in a glass of wine but want to keep an eye on your calories? This comical wine glass keeps you in check.

Morgan is the blogger behind Reidmore. After moving to DC recently, Morgan started blogging as a creative outlet and way of journaling her process of exploring the District. From home décor projects, to outings with her puppy, Reidmore is an assorted lifestyle blog covering life in the city. Tweet hello here!