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Top Virginia Sparkling Wines

Photo via Thibaut-Janisson There’s no better sound than that “pop!” you hear when uncorking a bottle of bubbly. It symbolizes fun, excitement and celebration. While we all may have our got-to sparkling wines, why not try something new and local? Check out these selections of Virginia bubbly … [Read more...]

August Wine Events in the DC Area

Photo via Simon_sees August is almost here, and the heat is on. How do we beat the heat? By attending refreshing wine events of course! Check out these DC-area wine events coming up this month, and let us know which ones you’re looking forward to. Summer Wine Tasting with Bon Vivant … [Read more...]

Coming Up Rosés

Guest post by Victoria Ferguson Photo via Nadia & Massimo Pink wine—quick, what’s your first thought? Rosés face a stigma in the USA: people often assume they are sweet. They might be pink, but most Rosé [pronounced “rho-zay”] is dry and fruity - not sweet. Don’t let your brain trick you … [Read more...]

Best Wine and Cheese Pairings
from the Pros

Photo via Cowgirl Creamery Wine and cheese is a favorite and common pairing for most get-togethers. So the next time you plan one, why not stand out with a little help from the pros? We’ve asked DC's top cheese shops what their favorite wine and cheese pairings are for the summer. Get ready … [Read more...]

Family Fun at Local Virginia Wineries

Guest post by @UncorkVirginia For many in the DC area, the Virginia wineries are a popular weekend destination. The calm countryside can make you feel worlds away, and the peace and tranquility allows you to quickly unwind from a hectic week in Washington. But what about those of us who want … [Read more...]

Summer Grilling Wines:
Poppin’ Like it’s Hot

Guest post by Justin Harrison The countdown is on. There are 66 days left this summer. It may be hot as hell in the district, but that shouldn't stop you from soaking up the sun and taking advantage of these last few weeks of prime grilling season. What's a summer barbecue without great … [Read more...]

Drink Wine and Do Good

Photo via CAUSE An opportunity to drink wine and do good? Sign us up! If you’re looking for a socially-conscious wine list—we’ve found the spot for you. CAUSE is a DC bar that chooses its wines based on taste and on the mission of the vineyard where the wines come from. To top it all off, … [Read more...]

Bastille Day Wine Events in Washington, DC

Photo via On July 14th, 1789, Bastille Day–the French national holiday–was born. This day commemorates the storming of the Bastille Prison and the beginning of the French Revolution. In celebration, Frenchmen and women (and those who love anything French) raise their glass … [Read more...]

The Gentlemen’s Guide: 3 Steps to Ordering Wine like a Pro

Photo credit to The Big Shizzle Guest post by Justin Harrison Gents, here’s your job on a date: Be charming. Be intelligent. Be a great conversationalist. Oh, and wear a clean shirt. Basically, be the Renaissance man your date’s girlfriends only wish their man could be. A major step … [Read more...]

Essentials for a Well-Stocked Wine Bar

Guest post by Jamie Hurst Stocking a wine bar can be as simple as having a bottle opener in your kitchen drawer or as complex as having a cellar full of the finest wine that is managed by a specialist. Everything in between is based on what you like aesthetically, what you have space for, and … [Read more...]