All Wined Up

Best Wine and Cheese Pairings
from the Pros

pierce_pt_cheese_large Photo via Cowgirl Creamery

Wine and cheese is a favorite and common pairing for most get-togethers. So the next time you plan one, why not stand out with a little help from the pros? We’ve asked DC's top cheese shops what their favorite wine and cheese pairings are for the summer. Get ready to impress your guests with these knockout combos.

Grayson & Viognier

Mike Bowers, owner of Bowers Fancy Dairy Products, suggests a Virginia duo of the recently-released Grayson cheese from Meadow Creek Dairy paired with a 2012 Viognier from Breaux Vineyards. Both boast hints of wild florals found in the Virginia hillsides, and the dry Viognier perfectly complements the earthy undertones of the Grayson.

Bowers Fancy Dairy Products
Eastern Market
225 7th Street, SE
Bowers does not sell wine in-shop, but you can find the Viognier at Breaux Vineyards or many local wine shops in the DC area.

Pierce Point & Rosé

Sue Conley, owner of Cowgirl Creamery, recommends pairing the herbaceous Cowgirl Creamery seasonal cheese, Pierce Point, with a floral Rosé from Provence, which can be found in the shop this summer. With stone fruits appearing at the market, try poaching peaches in simple syrup to serve with the cheese.

Cowgirl Creamery
919 F Street NW, Penn Quarter

Fleur du Maquis & Ros de Pacs

Peter McNamara, manager of Righteous Cheese, suggests a pairing that is light and refreshing - the Fleur du Maquis with a Spanish Rosé wine called Ros de Pacs. The Fleur du Maquis is encrusted with herbs and spices, and the cheese underneath the crusting is bright, tangy, and citrusy with subtle flavors from the crust. The refreshing and mineral-driven Rosé complements these flavors remarkably.

Righteous Cheese
Union Market
1309 5th Street NE.
Righteous Cheese offers the Ros de Pacs by glass only.