All Wined Up

Must-Watch Wine Movies


Looking for a new way to “wine down”? Vino and a movie sounds like a great idea to us. We’ve compiled a list of three wine-tastic flicks, along with wine suggestions for viewing.!

  • “Bottle Shock” is a 2008 dramedy that documents a wine tasting showdown that allowed America to prove itself to the world in 1976.
    Steven Spurrier, a sommelier living in Paris, creates a wine blind-taste competition termed “The Judgement of Paris” to introduce Parisians to wines from around the world. To find contestants for the competition, Spurrier travels to the not-yet-established Napa Valley, where he meets vintner Jim Barret of Chateau of Montelena. Although Barret wants nothing to do with the competition, Barret’s son provides Spurrier with two bottles of the Chateau's best wine.
    Watch “Bottle Shock” to discover the true story that shocked the world and changed the future of the wine industry forever. And while you’re watching, why not have a little tasting of your own? As you compare the taste of a Napa Valley Chardonnay and a French Burgundy, you’re sure to feel like one of the judges in this exciting competition.

  • “Sideways” is a 2004 Academy Award-winning film about two men’s weeklong road trip through Santa Barbara County Wine Country. The film stars Paul Giamatti, who plays Miles Raymond, an unsuccessful writer with a wine obsession, and Thomas Haden Church, who plays Jack Cole, Miles’ soon-to-be-married college roommate. While Jack is happy drinking cheap Merlot, Miles prefers top-notch Pinots, and despite their difference in passion for vino (or lack thereof on Jack’s part), they find themselves drowning in wine by the end of their trip.
    In honor of Miles’ obsession with Pinot wines, we suggest curling up with a glass of California Pinot Noir to accompany you while you watch these two bachelors take an unforgettable trip through wine country.

  • Think you’re a wine expert? “Somm” will let you test your knowledge. This brand-new documentary features four sommeliers who are on a quest to pass the prestigious Master Sommelier exam, a test with one of the lowest passing rates in the world.
    Watch the thought-provoking journey of the physical and emotional toll that sommeliers endure to pass this exam, and we bet you’ll find yourself asking, “How much do I really know about wine?” As an added bonus, access to the Court of Sommeliers has been strictly controlled and cameras have not been allowed anywhere close to the exam...until now. So pour yourself a glass of Rhone wine (director Jason Wise’s favorite), and put your sommelier skills to the test.