All Wined Up

Top Virginia Sparkling Wines

image_02 Photo via Thibaut-Janisson

There’s no better sound than that “pop!” you hear when uncorking a bottle of bubbly. It symbolizes fun, excitement and celebration. While we all may have our got-to sparkling wines, why not try something new and local? Check out these selections of Virginia bubbly from local wineries, and find yourself a bottle to pop.

Afton Mountain Vineyards’ Bollicine
Italian for “tiny bubbles,” this wine consists of a colorful blend of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, and it would pair fabulously with a tray of seasonal fresh crabs. Can you say summer?

Thibaut-Janisson’s Blanc de Chardonnay
This Cuvee brings generations of tradition from France coupled with the heart of the Virginia Terroir. Its exquisitely balanced taste has aromas of pear and ripe apples. Does that sound refreshing or what? Grab this sparkling wine, and bring it along to DC’s Friday night Jazz in the Garden concerts at the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden.

Charlottesville Trump Winery’s Blanc de Noir
This bubbly is made via Methode Champenoise, meaning it is collected at night by hand and carefully pressed so its best qualities are conserved. The wine has a pear, yet biscuity aroma, and a palette of grapefruit with a hint of lemon. If you are not convinced by that description, how about pairing this wine with a silky lemon pastry? The choice is yours.

Veritas Winery’s Scintilla
This brut sparkling wine, also a Blanc de Blanc style, reveals a rich color that carries a fresh aroma. Its crisp flavor suggests acidic fruits, such as green apple. If you are planning on having a BBQ-style meal on one of these summer nights, why not give this tasty bubbly a shot? It will no doubt leave you satisfied and refreshed.

What are your favorite Virginia sparkling wines?