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5 Best Food & Wine Picnic Pairings

DCWW-picnic-dcwineweekdotcom Guest post by Candace Randolph

Whether you're hosting a small summer get-together or planning a date, a picnic is the perfect setting. It is romantic and thoughtful, and with the right food and wine it is sure to impress any guests you may have. Here are five of my favorite pairings to try on your next picnic:

Chardonnay & Sweet Potato
I suggest starting out with some light fare. The denseness of sweet potato pairs wonderfully with a light, refreshing chardonnay. This sweet potato wedge recipe with added rosemary from is a quick and delicious appetizer option with only three ingredients.

Pinot Noir & Pizza
Pizza is a great main dish for your picnic with its customizable and filling options. Pinot Noir is the perfect complement due to its lean body and fruity notes. I am loving this deep-dish pepperoni pizza from Real Simple.

Cabernet Sauvignon & Muffuletta
If sandwiches are more your style, a hearty Muffuletta paired with a Cabernet Sauvignon is the direction I advise. The intense flavors of olives, salami and herbs in a muffuletta pair very well with a Cabernet. Go the extra mile, and let the wine breathe in one of our slate carafes and wine glasses. Using chalk, write fun messages to guests, or the name of the wine!

Moscato d'Asti & Apricot
For a summer dessert, apricots are the way to go. Pair the yummy fruit with the slightly sweet Moscato d'Asti. The floral aroma and subtle flavor of the wine will make for a delectable end to your outing. To go above and beyond, bake a dessert featuring apricots the night before.

Champagne & Cheese
If you're looking for a dessert that is less fuss with just as much impact, offer cheese and champagne for the finale. Place an assortment of cheeses on one of our charger plates, and write out the names of each to help your guests choose which ones they would like to taste.

Summer is for the taking! So once you create a perfectly curated picnic with these food and wine pairings, grab a basket and a fun blanket, and properly enjoy the season!

Which perfect picnic pairings would you make?

As creative director and designer at Chalkboard China, Candace Randolph loves design, entertaining and food and drink trends. In her free time, she enjoys traveling to Seaside, Florida, Sorrento, Italy, Nevis, West Indies, and of course Los Angeles and New York. Find Candace on Twitter via @ChalkboardChina for more party ideas and wine tips!