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DC Wine Week On the Road Wine Tours


DC Wine Week is going on the road! For the next few months leading up to DC Wine Week (Oct 12-19), we have partnered with DiVine Wine Tours of Virginia to offer a series of wine tours to various Virginia wineries.

Tickets for each tour are $70 per person and include transportation, behind-the-scenes guided tours, and lunch. You’ll will be able to purchase bottles of wine on-site.

Times & Pick Up Info
Times for all the tours are 10:15 AM - 5:15 PM. Pick up for each tour will be at Hamilton Live 600 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20005. We will be meeting up in the front bar and promptly departing at 10:15 AM.

Pick Your Tour
Check out our list of DC Wine Week On the Road Wine Tours

  • The Storybook Tour August 24th 2013
    Zephaniah Farm Vineyard, Casanel Winery, North Gate Vineyard

    Everyone loves a good story, and this tour is full of them. The wines are delicious on their own, but the stories behind these family-owned wineries will make the wine and your experience that much better.

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  • Plainly Perfect September 14th 2013
    Grey Ghost Winery, Aspen Dale Winery at the Barn, Vintage Ridge Winery

    The Plainly Perfect tour takes you to Delaplane, Va., where the scenery is simple and beautiful. With gorgeous backdrops, a friendly community and rich wine history, these wineries capture the essence of what Virginia wine is all about.

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  • The Grape Escape October 5th 2013
    Fabbioli Cellars, Lost Creek, 8 Chains North

    Loudon County is one of the fastest growing regions in Virginia, and its wine is no different. Whether you’re interested in modern wineries, award-winning winemakers or unique winemaking methods, this tour will prove to be the perfect escape to the land of the grapes.

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Our Tour Company Partner
DiVine Wine Tours of Virginia is a wine tour company dedicated to providing outstanding winery experiences and promoting Virginia wine. Founders David and Candy believe that Virginia isn’t just for lovers; it’s for wine lovers. We can’t help but agree. Like them and follow @DiVINEWineTours.