All Wined Up

Learn More About Mimi —
Our Yoga & Wine Instructor

Mimi Reiger

Mimi Rieger has been teaching yoga for ten years and practicing for 15. Passionate about wellness exploration, her teaching encourages students to become their most powerful and evolved selves. Rieger welcomes students of all levels, as each student may work at their own level.

Mimi is combining her passions of yoga and wine by teaching a DC Wine Week Event:

Downward dog and Upward Sips– a night of yoga and wine. The event will take place Saturday, Oct. 12 from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m at VIDA Fitness, 1612 U Street NW (between N New Hampshire Ave & N 16th St) Washington DC 20009. The cost is $20.

Mimi’s Favorite Pairings: Wine & Yoga Pose

Pinot Nero & Yogidandasana "Pose of the Yogi: She discovered Pinot Nero during one of her teaching trips to Europe and likes to pair it with Yogidandasana "Pose of the Yogi,” a strong yet subtle pose.

Phillipe Prie & “Bird of Paradise Pose”: Phillipe Prie is the perfect champagne for drinks on the rooftop for the transition from summer to fall. Mimi pairs it with the "Bird of Paradise Pose,” a light, expressive and bold pose.

Steele & Ardha Matysendrasana "Seated Twist: Steele Pino Noir is Mimi’s “go to" for all things enjoyable and she pairs it with Ardha Matysendrasana "Seated Twist” because it’s always the perfect fit.