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Yelp Asks How Merlot Can You Go?

dickson-dcwineweekdotcom Originally posted Oct. 9, 2013 by Kimberly S. on Yelp
Photo by Dickson Wine Bar

The age-old question, older even than asking 'Angelina or Jennifer,' is: 'red or white'? While we wouldn't dare throw a hat into that ring, we can tell you there are many choices in DC to experience a glass of perfect pinot noir or grigio. So, polish up a glass, slice up some cheese, and get your nose in this Weekly!

Room 11
(Columbia Heights)

Andrea M stops and smells the rosé at "this hole-in-the-wall where you feel like you are a part of a great story and want to come back all the time just to be a regular." With its well curated and ever rotating wine list, you will be sure to find a favorite easily!

Dickson Wine Bar
(U Street Corridor)

Semra E counts on this cozy neighborhood spot to "fill my belly with amazing food and wine. If you ask for recommendations from the servers, you can't go wrong with what they say. I loved every bite and every sip and so will you!

Slate Wine and Bistro
(Glover Park)

"A seasoned liver can be fairly happy there," attests Ruth C. With a focus on small, family-owned, sustainable wineries and "affordable, comfort food" you will find yourself "waffling over the half dozen seasonal options." Also check out their wine classes!

(Columbia Heights)

"The menu here is Italian chic," describes Kelsey H. "This is not (your average) family style piles of meatballs. It is elegant in every sense of the word — atmosphere and decor, wine list, ingredients."

Cedar Crossing Taverna

"This is my neighborhood mainstay," confesses Stacey P. "It's a classy spot for a drink or two, a snack (love the samosas!), or a nice dinner. The service is friendly and they are happy to walk you through the wine selections if you would like advice."