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Summer at Vino Volo: New Menu and Wine Flights

DCWW-BlogPost-VinoVolo_072114_v2 Guest post by Tammy Portnoy
Photo by Tammy Portnoy

I am always running late–I can’t help it. So when I’m rushing to the airport, totally stressed, I am more than ready to get started with the relaxing part of my trip as soon as possible. It’s no surprise that I can tell you exactly where the Vino Volo Wine Room is located in both the Dulles and BWI airports. If you have time to spare before your flight, then I highly recommend heading to a Vino Volo and sitting back with a flight of white, red, bubbly, or rose - whatever your preference.

I tended to only frequent Vino Volo’s airport locations until last week when I, along with other bloggers and media, spent an evening at Vino Volo in Bethesda Row—one of their non airport locations in downtown Bethesda. The other is located at Tyson's Corner Center.

Right in the heart of Bethesda Row, this Vino Volo location has a lovely atmosphere and a cute, comfy outdoor patio space. The staff provided the same super-friendly service and educational wine knowledge that I’ve received at every airport location. It’s clear that Chef Bebel Kim takes pride in the food he creates, and all of his dishes paired perfectly with the wine selections. From refreshing watermelon salad with feta to mouth-watering Atlantic salmon rolls to savory chicken pate, everything was delicious. He even took some time to explain some of his recipes, like when he discussed the Lamb Meatballs made with mint pistou (which sounds totally foreign to me, but was perfect with the Angela’s Table Zinfandel from Seghesio Winery out of Sonoma, known specifically for their Zin). Chef Kim had a bit of practice earlier in the day when he demoed the meatballs on Good Day Fox!

Kindy then went into the intricacies of how each wine is chosen to pair with each dish. All of the reds sampled from Sonoma were handpicked by Vino Volo staff while visiting the region this past May. And though I’m often indecisive when choosing wines, last night everyone seemed to agree that the favorite of the evening was the sparkling chardonnay out of Spain (100% organic).

Everyone had a great time, and we were able to sip to our heart’s content, knowing we’d get home safely thanks to Uber DC. Uber DC is offering all new riders up to $20 off each of their first two Uber rides. Sign up for Uber by heading to and use promo code VinoVolo.

It seems that Vino Volo is evolving to be more than just a wine flight before your flight. Check out the

Check out the Bethesda Row location for a glass of wine or a flight on patio. If you are on in a rush — pick up a bottle wine and take it to go.

There are plenty of great events coming up at the Vino Volo Bethesda Row. Something for everyone from side walk sales to wine classes to tastings.

  • July 22 - Tasting Room Tuesday: Cambria Winery
  • July 24 - Words with Winemakers: Denise Shurtleff
  • August 2 - Strathmore Presents – Appetite: A Gastronomic Experience

Visit their site for a full list of events and details.

And, oh, by the way, if you get stuck at the Detroit airport around the holidays, Vino Volo’s Kindy says that location offers a deal with a massage next door.

Tammy Portnoy is a freelancer and beer evangelist from the DC area. She also works with Port City Brewing Company and Urban Stems. You can follow Tammy on Twitter via @TammyPortnoy.