Jarhead, Wines of Character

Post by Lisa Byrne, DC Wine Week Co-Founder Photo courtesy of Jarhead Wines In the spirit of the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington D.C. tomorrow morning, I wanted to share this special wine my fiancé, Captain Lee Zawacki, introduced me to earlier this year: Jarhead, Wines of Character. … [Read more...]

Learn More About Mimi —
Our Yoga & Wine Instructor

Mimi Rieger has been teaching yoga for ten years and practicing for 15. Passionate about wellness exploration, her teaching encourages students to become their most powerful and evolved selves. Rieger welcomes students of all levels, as each student may work at their own level. Mimi is … [Read more...]

Yoga & Wine:
Downward Dog & Upward Sips

Date: Sunday, October 13, 2013 Time: 6:00-7:30 PM Address: VIDA Fitness 1612 U Street NW (between N New Hampshire Ave & N 16th St) Washington DC 20009 Tickets: $20 Come enjoy a flowing Vinyasa class where we pair breath and movement together for a well balanced, thoughtful and strong … [Read more...]

The Promise of Virginia Wine

Guest post by Jean Case “In blind tasting you get to see what your palate says, not what your head is telling you.” While the nation’s attention was focused on Denver this week and the first debate between the two Presidential candidates, another toe-to-toe drama played out in Virginia, … [Read more...]

Did You Know? –Facts About Wine

  According to a Nielson survey - 58% of Americans drink wine. It’s not as hard as you may think to make wine - if you squeeze some fresh grape juice into a jar and keep the jar warm, after a period of time the liquid will turn into wine on its own.  This fact suggests that wine … [Read more...]

Wine Bootcamp: Health, Fitness & Wine 101

Want to learn the bootcamp basics of wine and get a good workout in too? We've got just the event for you! Join us at Georgetown Waterfront Saturday, October 22nd at 11:00 AM where we'll kick off with an hour workout by Grant Hill of MyBootcamp and short chat on the health benefits of wine. … [Read more...]

Health Benefits of Wine

Guest post by Grant Hill An important part of living a fulfilling, healthy life is about truly enjoying opportunities to indulge. Now, by in large, we tend *not* to think of these indulging moments as the pinnacle of our health - instead we say things like “I’m being so bad” or use words … [Read more...]